Mon Oncle

It’s a sad day for the Pellerin family as we say goodbye to our sweet and kind, Uncle Leon.

Every year since Denis and I have been married, he and his Uncle Leon have never missed calling each other on their birthdays.  I always enjoyed seeing Denis’ eyes light up and hearing the familiar and resonant greeting of “Hallo!  Mon Oncle!”  After which a pleasant repartee would commence and could last, at times, for hours.

Famille Pellerin

circa – late 1930’s

Leon, the baby, on the far right end

I first met Leon in the winter of 1988.  We were enjoying a skiing holiday in Canada and made a side trip to Denis’ hometown, Trois Rivieres.  While there, we spent a memorable afternoon at Leon’s Curling Club.  It was so cool!  Literally!!

Curling, a game played on ice in which two teams of four players each compete in sliding large stones toward a mark in the center of a circle, made its Olympic debut at the original Olympic Games in 1924. It came back in the 1932 Lake Placid Games as a demonstration sport, but then went on a 56-year Olympic hiatus, until it was brought back as a demonstration sport in 1988.  Serendipitous, indeed, that our visit took place just weeks before the games in Calgary began.  We watched the Olympic coverage of the  Curling competitions with our newly acquired knowledge, thanks to Leon!

Denis enjoying Leon’s Poutine at the Curling Club snack bar!

More memories of Uncle Leon…

Pellerin Boys

Denis, Leon & Jacques

Adrien with his Great Uncle Leon

And my favorite…

Leon Pellerin

1935 – 2011

Godspeed Uncle Leon.

You will be missed dearly.

Your Niece-In-Law,


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3 Responses to “Mon Oncle”

  1. Helene Pellerin Quinlan Says:

    Thank you Starr…This is so beautiful….We will miss him for sure…

  2. Lucie Pellerin Says:

    Dear Starr and Denis,

    I am extremely touched by the message and pictures you have posted on your blog. This is a great way to say good bye and I am sure he is smiling when he sees that message from ” up there ”. Leon was generous, funny and always there to help . There is nothing he would not do for us and I have so much funny stories and memories from the time I spent with him…he was special and I will miss him every day of my life.

    Again thank you for sharing those pictures with us,

    Best regards,


  3. Rose-Marie Pellerin Says:

    Thank you Starr for sharing the pictures of oncle Léon ; he was a very likable man. He will be missed for sure.

    From Denis “cousine” Rose-Marie and “cousin” Freddy.

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